Dunham & Associates When Performance Counts
Sharpen and Sustain Your Competitive Edge

Performance based fees are fast becoming the option of choice for savvy investors who are increasingly drawn to the idea of aligning sub-adviser compensation to the performance of their investments.

A performance based offering helps establish your standing as a wealth manager who seeks to align your interests with your clients and establish relationships that span generations. As a performance fee wealth manager, you will likely build deeper relationships leading to more quality referrals that will open doors to handle wealth management needs beyond the scope of investments.

At Dunham & Associates Investment Counsel, Inc. we dare you to be different! We’re out to change the way you do business, help simplify your life, decrease your expenses and increase your earnings. We’ll help you focus your efforts to best serve affluent clients and enhance your wealth management skills.

How? Click here now to make an appointment to learn everything you need to know. We’ll put you where the real money is and help make your business thrive.

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